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This article refers to English subculture. Virtually nobody in England refers to the country as Britain, but for some reason, most Americans do, so hopefully this title will help the Americans among us find what they're looking for.
It's a worldwide misconception that English culture revolves heavily around Tea, bowler hats, walking canes, deducing things and saying little idioms like "spiffing!" and "tally-ho old chap!".
This is infact, not the case.
Sadly, Britain is becoming more and more like America every day, due to the majority of television shows being aired coming from the USA.
Yes we drink Tea, but we also drink as much, if not more coffee.
you will never hear anybody say "spiffing!" or some similar phrase except if they are the living dead from the 1900's, or being sarcastic.
I've lived in England all my life, and i've never seen a single Bowler hat except at fancy dress parties
We do, however, have a thriving youth subculture. England's Answer to the American Gangsta is the Chav, who think they're solid as rock, when infact the word is a business term derived from "Chelmsford Average". It was originally used to describe a typical resident of the English area of Chelmsford. These people had relatively low paid jobs, but spent almost everything they earnt on very distasteful items, and were seen dripping with gold, much like a gypsy.
so to conclude, British culture is prety much the same as American culture, but (usually) with less arrogance, attitude or the belief that we own the world.
Thank you America, your pollution haunts us all.
Chav 1: Look guys. This TV show from America shows black guys in gangs.
Chav 2: wow! maybe we should pretend to be black, and hard. Hey, if it's from USA it must be good!
Chav 1: But won't we become annoying wiggers?
Chav 2: Nevermind. We'll just develop extreme arrogance and kick the seven shades of shit out of anybody for so much as breathing near us.
Chav 2: Yeah man! Let's kill british culture!
by andyakameatloaf September 16, 2007

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