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the worse comeback ever, reminds me of brokeback for some reason
uncool Dude: what we doing tonight jim?

Jim: your mom! (stupid but rightous laughter)

uncool dude: your ancestor

jim: what the hell was that?
by andy vale July 23, 2006
futurama said it all.
"an attempt to impress the same sex"
think of your own. your big drama lover if you can't...
by andy vale October 19, 2006
Ugly. Only a special kind of ugly that resembles a mule's ass when slapped alot. mainly used in england but let's make it global.
annoying andy: so guy's what do you think of hot new beau! AIN'T SHE HOT!
Me: no she got a face like a slapped mule's ass
by andy vale July 12, 2006
1) a fantasy of homer simpsons...orignates from the simpsons the episode i forget.

2) a real cool invention
ummm, pie pants...

...and that's how pie pants saved the world
by andy vale August 04, 2006
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