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3 definitions by andy surf

An awesomely inventive and original movie directed by Takashi Miike. Funny, shocking and cool as hell.
Hated by people with no sense of humour who are probably Christian and big fans of Hollywood bullshit.
"Holy shit, Ichi the killer is awesome."
"Yeah dude, show me the part where the guys face slides down the wall."
by Andy Surf July 02, 2006
the best band in the fucking world ever ever ever.
"yo dude, are you into fugazi?"
"nope, i like disturbed"
"what?? you fuckin' stupid twat!"
by andy surf January 26, 2005
any person who you find a disliking to.
"dude, that Elton John guy's on tv"
"what a motherfucker"
"word yo"
by andy surf January 29, 2005