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assholelushious = taste realy discusting,taste realy bad ,taste like shit ,taste like an asshole.
dude yo mamas cooking is so assholelushious, now i know why you dont eat at home enymore..if you say it just rite it sounds like you are saying: "ah so lushious" so jake how do you like that chilli? "why it was ass hole lushious thanks."
by andy puckett March 16, 2008
ass hole like...like an ass hole.nasty additude.bad disposition.
dude is so assholelistic today.dude is acting like such an asshole today.
by andy puckett March 10, 2008
rainbow christians are members of the glbt comunity that are also christians.
rainbow christians are members of the glbt comunity that happen to believe that jesus christ is lord & savior,sent by god to redeem and save all man kind from the wadges of sin which is death. and that whome so ever that believes in jesus will be saved.as per john 3:16-17
by andy puckett March 14, 2008
a person of the g,l,b,t. comunity that has grown tired of liveing in the closet and decide to come out like gang busters and thay try to make up for loast or wasted time.theese are usuially in thare late twentys or older.and have the additude of i dont want to wate and get to know someone first couse life is just too short, i want an instant relationship now.i derived this terlm from:just out of the closet and in a big rush.talk to one of theese guys for 10 minuts and thay are suddenly in love with you.
my buddy joe is suffering from closetrush,i wish he would slow down and take it a bit more easy before he winds up broken hearted or in love with a phycopath from hell,or worce yet gets that special little non disposeable gift that keeps on giveing.
by andy puckett April 05, 2008

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