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Something/someone of extreme uberistic qualities. The pinnacle of excellence, and superiority. Used in descriptive techniques to award the thing in question with a certificate of brilliance, and unrivaled skill.
Barry: Oh hey Glebson, you're new privet hedge seed collection is butron!

Glebson: Thanks Barry, I inherited it from my dead mum.


Elton: Did you see the way Gregory Filthwater played last night for the Rovers?

Griff: Why yes he did, he was totally fucking butron.
by Andy L January 20, 2006
a big gay arse who stops you from looking at porn and playing games on computers in school. The reason why school is boring
'i wish i could go to that naked games site'
'tough luck the I.T technician has blocked it'
by andy L December 08, 2003
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