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Abbreviation for 'congratulations'
"Jon, congrats on the RC job"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
A sturdy digging tool having a thick handle and a heavy, flat blade that can be pressed into the ground with the foot, that is usually called by its proper term
"I call a spade a 'spade'"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
Something being particularly funny or entertaining.
"You should film up her skirt and put it on the internet, it'll be a right laugh!"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
Used to describe something as being of the highest quality.
"Oh that is Premier League. Ten on ten."
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
An uncommon fight move sometimes pulled by people from Hull, East Yorkshire. Involves a jab with one hand ('one') before a swift punch with the other ('two')
"Leave it out or I'll give you the old Hull one-two"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
Thirsty or dry-mouthed and in need of a drink, possibly because a parrot has been massacred and the resulting feathers have landed in the mouth so a drink is required to restore moistness.
"Brew up cocker, I'm spittin' feathers here"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
Masturbation performed by someone of northern origin.
"Now then our kid, I could do with some northern magic"
"Ey up cocker, have you had any northern magic today?"
"Eee by gum, you were having a northern magic!"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005

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