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A smoking device similar to a gravity bong. It involves taking a 20oz bottle and burning a small hole at the bottom. Then attaching a bowl-piece to the cap. One fills the bottle with water (using a thumb to plug the hole), attaches the cap/bowl-piece, lights the substance, and releases their thumb. The water uses gravity to keep the substance lit.
Don't use the sink, I have two waterfalls in the basin.
by Andy Holman October 11, 2005
The act of using fingers to pleasure a female vagina and/or clit.
I drive my girlfriend crazy by shoving my tounge down her throat and going knuckle deep.
by Andy Holman October 09, 2005
1. A female who would be attractive if she didn't dress like a gangster.

2. A female who's face is very manly, ruggid, or thug in appearance.

3. A female who's body is attractive, yet her face is so horrible, it can't even be called a butterface.
1. Latisha is fuckin' bangin' except she's a jersey gutterface.

2. That gutterface should shave her mustache.

3. Dude, you were so drunk lastnight, you did four or more body shots off of that gutterface.
by Andy Holman October 11, 2005
A female that grew up in a small country town and lived a very sheltered life.
Jessica was a piece of country bumpkin pussy, until she went to a big city college and had her first gang bang.
by Andy Holman October 11, 2005
The bowl-shaped attachment, for any marijuana smoking device, that holds the pot while it is lit.
This bong is beat! Pack that bowl piece dirt merchant!
by Andy Holman October 11, 2005
A towel, or washrag, that a man ejaculates onto after masturbation.
My mom does my laundry, but I make sure to privately launder my goo rag.
by Andy Holman October 11, 2005
Oral sex that is given in return for a favor.
Since I fixed my girlfriend's car, she knew she had some domework later.
by Andy Holman October 11, 2005

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