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32 definitions by andrius

cumber is a shorter for the "cucumber"
I used to like cumbers but I've chosen to eat carrots better.
by Andrius March 05, 2008
shunes is the abbreviation for showtunes
I like busic, cusic, shracks and shunes before going to dreep. What about you? No,I don't alike any of them, I like dance, pop and rock. My favorite music.
by Andrius March 03, 2008
a professional man / person who has got a good experience in something
He is a good prof.I like him
by Andrius March 01, 2008
Indsy is the same as hindical. look the definition of this word
I also take interest in Indsy. I suggest: don't forget to listen to this music for example on the flive or elsewhere on the internet. It's good and somehow interesting. Get attached to it
by Andrius March 05, 2008
hindical means "Indian Classical Music". Indian classical music has its origins as a meditation tool for attaining self realization. All different forms of these melodies (Ragas) are believed to affect various "chakras" (energy centers, or "moods") in the path of the "Kundalini"
There's a good radio station (the "Anuraag") on the flive that plays hindical and I like it since I have found it on the internet.
by Andrius March 05, 2008
one thousand - the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100 (1000)
Thand years ago there were no such things as computer, mobile phone, vehicle, developed technologies and so on.
by Andrius March 04, 2008
an expression for "go go" or "go chase yourself!"
droshkit children because you begin to fuck me off with your whims!
by Andrius March 03, 2008