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The ex-singer for the legendary punk band, the Germs. He commited suicide the day before John Lennon died. He was also gay. Known for his lyrics, and kickass stage shows. He idolized Iggy Pop and did things Iggy did (cut himself on stage).
Darby Crash had great lyrics!
by andrezb123 April 29, 2006
The king of surf rock. Known foor his surf-type music, learned the style from his Lebanese ancestory. He's way under rated as a guitarist, as he is one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time.

Inspiring people like East Bay Ray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Agent Orange and tons of others.
Dick Dale does the theme for Pulp Fiction
by andrezb123 April 29, 2006
The guitarist & singer for the Melvins, the heaviest band ever. Known for his big, awesome hair.
Buzz Osbourne has the coolest hair ever!
by andrezb123 April 29, 2006

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