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The most anticipated horror game of 2008.
Left 4 Dead is like Counter Strike Source Zombie Mod Escape on roids.
#left 4 dead #l4d #left for dead #horror #survival #zombie #escape
by andre1028 August 17, 2008
Another name for a Cyber Bully, e-bullies are very cocky bastards on the Internet who have one main purpose: being a complete jerk and scaring away the new kids.

E-Bullies usually come from normal regular people (who are weak minded) who are bullied by an E-Bully, and thus to get revenge become one themselves and continue the disease as infectious as AIDs itself.

These people are usually soft people inside, so you can just retaliate and they will usually show their true form. Large pussies.
E-Bully: Get the fuck out you fucking whore as fuck bitch fucker.

Victim: :'( I hate you!!

Brave Person: Lol you think you're so tough on the internet, gtfo you weak minded fool. We all know you've been bullied before so stop trying to spread the disease.
#e-bully #electronic bully #bully #internet #electronic
by andre1028 November 23, 2008
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