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The feeling you get when you are sweaty after working or excersising and your clothes stick to you
I've been out for a 3 mile run and am very hugid now, best go for a shower and put on clean clothes.

The farmer was feeling very hugid after working in the cowshed all day and had to get rid of his workclothes and hit the shower.
by andiria May 28, 2010
A Scots bloke living in Finland feeling pissed off angry and betrayed by what he sees going on all around him and is unable to do anything about it.
Whatever you do, don't tell that to angryfinland, he'll only twitter about it!
by andiria May 28, 2010
the sight and sound of an explosion, taken from the idea that an explosion makes a boom noise.
hey man, you gonna watch that new movie, it's suposed to have a great boomski in it
by andiria April 22, 2009
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