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A balance of two major componants 1 being BLING the other being GRAVY
That man/woman packs bomb-bigger-te, seen !!
by andand October 28, 2006
A Fart of gas to the 12th power of boom-bigger-te.
the warm air weasel of doom is what all farts run from.
by andand October 28, 2006
Also known as Stick-it. Royal Artillery game played on return to camp, after being out eating compo/mre for months. The pads/married folk would go back to there wives and wait, brewing up for the 2nd nights bedtime hour. Wife comes to bed, release then the warm air weasel of doom. Moving the wifes head into under cover position. Then
dutch oven::Let's see how long you can Stick-it, baby !!
by andand October 28, 2006
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