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61 definitions by anarcissie

Money, from Spanish 'plata' ( silver or money). Also, anything valuable.
Man, I'm flat. First mark I see, I'm takin plate.
by Anarcissie April 23, 2011
(verb) to die. As an imperative, equal to "fuck off and die" or "drop dead".
"When Joe suggested I do his work for him I told him to take gas."
by Anarcissie May 28, 2008
(noun) In mid-20th-century hipster lingo, any situation or environment, but especially a socially coherent one, like a party, job, meeting, show, demonstration, riot, etc. Thus to "make the scene" meant to arrive and be at an event, etc.
"Fuck this scene -- I'm gonna split."
by Anarcissie May 28, 2008
(verb) to vomit, esp. vigorously. Also figurative.
I'm gonna blow lunch if I hear about your job one more time.
by Anarcissie April 22, 2008
hairy; unshaven, not depilated, bearded, woolly
His stash spread to his chin -- he's gone totally organic!
by anarcissie July 07, 2009
(noun) another term for circle jerk.
"Those prep-school boys were having a round pound when the housemaster burst in. They were petrified (except for their dicks) but he just wanted to join in."
by Anarcissie May 28, 2008
Also with quotes: "'Dead' is dead", "'dead' is 'dead'", etc. The theory that in postmodernity nothing is ever out of fashion, anything from the past may come back, 'everything old is new again,' etc.
'He is such a post-post 'dead is dead' freak he thinks Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers are totally hip.'
by Anarcissie May 02, 2011