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'Kick Your Ass'
a group of ppl who dont look cool but they actually do cool shiz (well some of them do..) some people think they're cool but others dont, opinions vary depending on how well you know a member(s)
opinion: uber cool
opinion: cyber dorks
person 1: thats the KYA!
person 2: they have their own code names!
person 3: they are so NOT cool they keep pwning me!
by anarchist psycho February 15, 2009
Someone who is a coward, softass, can't fight or fights and looses. Or if a person gets thier friends or boyfriend's goons to fight for them.
If a person actually attempts to fight with weapons this should not be classified as pussy behaviour as they took the risk of bringing weapons into a public area.
A pussy can be directed at either gender.
person in a fight: omdz sara your such a pussy! and so are your boyfriend's goons, i scared them off with my hockey stick ahah

sara: *shits*
by anarchist psycho February 15, 2009

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