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a nickname for a great person
"Mimi's so understanding and caring!"
by ananana July 02, 2007
a puerto rican female (jincho for male) who has very light skinned
"Esa nena es bien jincha!"
by ananana July 02, 2007
A person of Non African American background who loves, defends, cares, or protects a person who is of African-American descent. Usually, the person who is giving the insult is a low self-esteemed racist person who is just plain ignorant.
White boy:"Nigga Lova!"
White Girl:"Go to hell, you damn skank-ass mothafucka!"
by ananana July 02, 2007
Did you know that the original design used a sky blue tone of the triangle in the Puerto Rican flag? But when the flag was adopted officially by the Commonwealth in 1952 it featured a dark blue very similar to that of the US flag. This fact has raised many issues whether to use a sky blue tone or a dark blue tone in the flag. Recently, with the celebration of the flag's 100 anniversary in 1995 the current administration displayed a flag with the original sky blue tone. Some historians concluded that the reason why a dark blue was used in the 1952 flag was related to the origins of the flag and its relationship with a revolutionary independence movement.
"I love my beautiful Puerto Rican Flag! It's Puerto Rico's pride and joy!"
by ananana July 02, 2007
Straight hair that has no excitement like curly hair. It's just dead and boring to look at. Nothing interesting about it.
"I'm glad i don't have dead hair. I got excitement on my head!" lol
by ananana July 02, 2007
Half Puerto Rican and half Filipino
"Yo, thay gurl got almond eyes and curly hair. She must be Filirican!"
by ananana July 02, 2007
A type of restaurant with Latin and Asian dishes
"They serve really good food there. It's a Latinasian restaurant."
by ananana July 02, 2007

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