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Not being able to skate on ice with out your ankles "bending" out. making you look like someone who can't skate.
also known as Kankle Bender.
Omg dude, that kid looks like a retard when he skates. He is such a philibender!
by anal vibrations August 30, 2010
#1. A person who masturbates with a pillow over the age of 85.
#2. A young adult having sex with someone over the age 92.
#1. "My Grandpa is a sag clapper because his pillow is crusty and yellow!"

#2 "Jim over there is a sag clapper!"
by anal vibrations August 11, 2010
A black cock thats equal to or bigger than 20in
Girl: i just got chilly wacked with my boyfriends 600lb gorilla!"
by anal vibrations August 11, 2010
#1. The art of being so bored that you end up chewing off your own shirt for something to do.
Today in class i had Jackett Disease so now im shirtless!
by anal vibrations August 25, 2010
The one kid in your class that likes the teacher, even though she is a bitch and retard.
jim "hi miss wardle!"

Andrew: "Jim shut up, no one likes you! you have wardle disorder"
by anal vibrations August 20, 2010
An old female squirting on her pineapple juice out of her vagina and into the nostrils of her husband/acquaintance.
Grandma: "Pour it in there"

Grandpa: "Alright its in"

Grandma: squirts

Grandpa: "Ahhh, that really cleans out the sinuses! Your a hell of a sag squirter!"
by anal vibrations August 11, 2010
when you see a banana between two apples and everyone in the room automatically know what your thinking.
Jim saw a banapple in the kitchen and his mother look at him and said "don't be a pervert"
by anal vibrations September 07, 2010

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