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A person who mongs shit.
Jackie:Fuck off, shit monger.
Salesman:But I'm selling douches.
Jackie:Go mong some more shit, shit monger.
by anal douche September 14, 2003
One of the most god damn funniest sites I've ever god damn seen..god damnit..
This May Hurt is a funny site.Check it out!*winks and puts a thumbs up*
by anal douche September 14, 2003
Country music television, a place where hicks can join freely and dance in the nude with a pony tails.But for the chick hicks its different...they clean on those 300 year old washboards in those cover up dressings..But I guess nowadays, anything is better than mtv.
CMT sucks, they need a new good music channel.That combines rock with punk and some hip hop for some flava....yo.
by Anal douche September 14, 2003
Just another way of saying "Fag."
Avril is such a queerosexual, she can't sing for shit mongers, god damn is she a poser, that fuck tart.
by anal douche September 14, 2003
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