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a dildo that is entirely controlled by voice starting with voodoo dildo followed by the sexual command
yeah right voodoo dildo my ass!
by anal*smear July 25, 2008
the definition for a crusty cluster is when you take a shit and day after day you dont wipe your arse it builds up and the shit build up is considered a crusty cluster ie a build up of old feocal matter
dude "i had the shits again but i never bother wiping the wife always uses all the bog roll"
another dude "no way man thats gross your going to end up with a crusty cluster on your arse"
by anal*smear July 29, 2008
when your girlfriend eats chicken nuggets from mcdonalds and then has a shit later that day then you decide to give her sixty nine then a small shit piece from the crack of her arse she just so happened to miss falls onto your face and rolls into your mouth yum yum!!!
fat bastard guy: "wow man did you have mcdonalds today"
guy with shit on face: "no man my girl did and i gave her 69 and i had a poocrumb fall in my mouth"
fat bastard guy: "oh dude harsh you got a mcnugget munch man"
by anal*smear July 25, 2008
for people into shit fetishes this ones for you after a long period of anal fucking a bird that had a bad case of the shits you stand and stretch like jesus on the cross then the girl still in the doggy position sprays you from head to foot in shit causing the holy jesus effect its a mix of holy shit and jesus
oh mighty god i pray to thee that you give this woman thy power to spray thee in feocal matter from thy head to thy foot therefore giving me thy power of the holy jesus
by anal*smear July 25, 2008
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