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to point out someone's mistake or failure quite crudely
teacher one to teacher two:
-this dumb-ass failed the exam again, he's so not getting promoted, I'm gonna go and rub it in his face
by ana von hindenburg October 29, 2010
when three people are getting some from each other. not necessarily in the popular male+female+female configuration
-hey Julie, wanna hook up later today?
-yeah, but I have a guest at my house. my cousin is visiting
-threesome then?
-um... sure, let me just call him and give him a heads up
-him? um.. actually, let me get back to you on this one, I think I'm coming down with cancer
by ana von hindenburg March 02, 2012
An answer to a question with an obvious yes.

It's a splice of two phrases
Does a bear shit in the woods?
Does the pope wear a funny hat?
Interviewer to a rock star:
-Have you had sex with groupies?
Rock star:
-does the pope shit in a funny hat?
by ana von hindenburg February 09, 2011
Taking pleasure in somebody else's misfortune. From German,
also spelled shadenfreude
shrink to a patient:
-what did you feel when you found out that your successful brother had lost all his money in the stock market?
by ana von hindenburg February 07, 2011
ruined, wasted
My computer just froze and I hadn't backup my data, three hours of writing a thousand-word term paper just shot to hell.
by ana von hindenburg November 14, 2010
that sweet guy that keeps you company while you're indulging in a monologue with the toilet bowl after you get yourself lobotomized drunk at parties
-Last night Jared served me as a shoulder to vomit on, hadn't it been for him I'd've drowned in the toilet bowl
-Yeah, he's a sweetheart
by ana von hindenburg March 04, 2011
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