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forget what the other "definers" of fashion stated.

fashion is not just a form of art, its to be inspired and create something that doesn't have to be necessarily real. it doesnt have to be a preference of the public, but more of the designer who decides. fashion is also an opinion. its bringing back what used to be "in" and make it 'in' again. bringing the old things back, for people to see that if times change, if someone keeps old fashion fresh, it'll never grow old (at least for a long time).

take Taxi for example, andy warhols first love. she made the mini skirt because she wanted to prove that she could live on her own without her family looking down on her. she could only afforn cheap clothes, and since she was so small, she would shop in the kids department. the mini skirt was made.
fashionistas take everything into consideration, well, most i guess. and you dont have to wear the parachute pants, or the glitter stockings, you don't have to afford it, but another crowd can, and another crowd may love it. because fashion isnt just for the closet, it can be a gallery of art.
Fashion is made up of previous inspirations. And what you made of it will be an inspiration for something else involving fashion, art, originality, culture, or anything in the world
by an0nym00uSz May 09, 2009
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