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shropshire man/bird with a nirish fetish often found wallowing in others sick and wearing a blue cap. loves to cane a bowl of smash with bisto chicken gravy and drink a bottle of vodka before attempting to execute a taxi driver with the energy sword. resides in squalor in chester.
dude, girl dave was all like, "wheres nirish? hes got my vodka and smash!"
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
blackburn babe, fond of all ball games, netball is one! studying biology, her prefered area is anatomy men in particular. dances at every opportunity. was once awarded the nobel peace prize for burping and northern profanties. she was first to christen the toilet with her spew! last know to be going out with mark morrision he was return of the MAC! also expects chips to be in the oven.
dude, i saw that accy beka in brannigans she was talkin to scouse steve whilst checking out the anatomy of a local man i.e the willy!
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
the name says it all. this guy swears every 2 seconds and he lives on staffordshire oatcakes and toad in the hole. he loves breast girl and makes up one night stands. found dancing to indie in rb's and sniping one off on halo. he is the soul reason that the britpop wave finally broke. just contracted herpes on his face. its spreading.
dude, i saw tourrettes tony last night dancing and sniping in rb's, his herpes is well spreading....to his balls.
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
Is a man no one knows! he comes in and leaves a microwave and disappears with his chunky fat friend who is a complete knob, you could refer to him as flubber!he has a lady friend, with whom he resides. he has no definable personality as we don't actually know who he is!
dude, i saw mythical steve today, or did i? i don't actually know what he looks like!
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
One bearded creature that shaves his chest! u find him loitering in his room with a fag in his hand! listen to that shit music called Radiohead and has sexual fantasies about Morrisey! he hardly leaves the house anymore has he has spent all his student loan and is unable to afford condoms so he uses freezer bags and his girlfriends hair band, which he improvises as a cock ring instead! he has a habit of whippin his beaver leaver out to the lads and rubs his cheesey knob and balls against torrettes tony's door handle!
dude, that newdy has used all the freezer bags! he's obviously on a sex binge with Cherel.
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
a person from northern ireland, who is weak at halo 2. seriouly. he cudn't snipe a frozen porkupine. regularly shit on by good aids. he weaks around the map looking to steal other peoples kills! he is crap at rugby! and make a habit of spewing on his loved one DAVE! Ur Geeaaay! so it is!
dude, nirish lost in the rugby today then got severely bummed on halo by everyone even Dave.
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
A male Stalker regulary found hiding in the bushes out side 59parkgate road trying to sneek a peek at his loved one. he likes to show people his bleeding crusty ring! lovely! he works at brannigans and regulary performs the YMCA dance with his queer collegue "BABE"! supports the one and only Liverpool FC in his never ending search for glory! has an obsession with abi shitmus!
I saw a german porno the other day and i spied this hairy ring - piece, it was sooooo like the scouse steve - he is warm.
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
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