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To the people who live in the coastal/southern New Jersey area:

A person who lives up north and comes down for the summer/long weekends.
You may often find a benny wearing clothes that say "What Happens Down The Shore, Stays Down The Shore".
Bennys are usually extremely obnoxious and this shows once the sun goes down and they crowd the boardwalks of Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant.
Bennys have no respect for the locals, they seem to think that they "own this shit".
Also, bennys more than often use the term "down the shore".

However, there is a difference between the bennys who come to seaside heights and the bennys who visit seaside park, which is immeditately south of the heights.
Seaside park bennys have respect and most of the time act as if they've lived there forever because they own a summer house. They make friends with the locals and even party with them.
There's a fine line between shitty bennys and chill bennys, and that line is the border of seaside heights and seaside park.
Seaside Heights Benny:

Seaside Park Benny:
"Dude, lets go to the beach tonight I got a 30."
by an honest local November 17, 2007

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