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Mistranslations in Engrish is done with good vocabulary and bad grammar that are in Engrish. Resulting in hard to reads that are sentences in Engrish. "L" and "R" has no distinctions in Japanese, creating the term.
"All your base are belong to us."

"A winner is you!"

"Somebody set up us the bomb."


"No trespassing through east and west gate allowed." (from Wikipedia's article on Engrish)

"Please wastepaper would chuck in bin." (ibid)

-All examples of Engrish
by an elite June 25, 2009
Commonly known as Brutes, these enemies in Halo 3 (although a prototype version appears in Halo 2) are tough and specialize in force-to-kill. They often lead packs of Unggoy. They wear Power Armor, which regenerates similarly to an Energy Shield but falls off when depleted. Death of pack-mates and loss of Power Armor often cause them to go berserk; they ignore their weapons and try to melee their enemies to death.

Some weapons held by Brutes:
Gravity Hammer
Brute Shot
Spike Grenade

Some vehicles they drive:

Some quotes:
"Damn you, Demon!"
"Save some for me!"
"For you, this was made!"
"Use your grenades!"
"Brutes! The faster you can kill those Brutes, the better." -Cortana on the level Gravemind, referring to Master Chief's first rough-in with Jiralhanae

"What, more Brutes?" "Worse." -The Arbiter, who was tired of fighting Brutes, then Master Chief replied because he knew that the ship held Flood.
by an elite April 19, 2009
The Covenant belief that if they fire Halo, they will become godlike and anyone unworthy will die. This is the ultimate reason for their existence.
"For the Great Journey!" -A Grunt throwing a Plasma Grenade at a human, helping the Covenant accomplish this ulterior motive.
by an elite July 06, 2009
In Halo 3, a UNSC aerial vehicle, also known as the AV-Attack VTOL. It can fly in any direction or hover, and it is equipped with two machine guns and two tracking missile launchers. Two passengers can sit on the side and offer additional fire or simply be transported. It is not as fast as the Covenant equivalent, the Banshee, but it is more maneuverable, more durable, and deadlier. A Plasma Pistol overcharged shot will cause the Hornet to fall to the ground.
"Hornets inbound!" -UNSC Marine on The Covenant
"You, with the splazer (Spartan Laser)! Take out that Hornet!" -multiplayer
by an elite April 19, 2009
Fangs that slaver, i.e. the fangs of a grue. When it is mentioned on the Internet, it nearly always refers to the grues of Zork.
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

> north
Oh, no! You have walked into the slavering fangs of a lurking grue!

**** You have died ****
by an elite November 26, 2009
A Covenant vehicle in Halo, also known as the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle. It is highly maneuverable, fast, and deadly. But it can be destroyed easily. In campaign, it can be piloted by Elites, Marines, Grunts, and Spartans

UNSC equivalent: Mongoose
Brute equivalent: Chopper
"Ghost inbound!" -UNSC Marine
"Get a rock lock on that Ghost!" -player (rock lock is a tracking rocket)
"God*Warthog horn*it, f*Warthog horn*ing Ghost!"
by an elite April 19, 2009
It is very clear that the people contributing thus far to the Maltese street word 'hamallu' are what are know by Southerners as 'pepe' or better snobs - originating from the title 'sine nobilitate' - common, but typically wealthy stuck-up people who typically live in Sliema, St. Julians, San Gwann (not as many today), Swieqi and that side of the harbour as to say. But 'hamalli' are also present in these communities, especially were things have gone wrong.
You need to look at Maltese society in general to understand:

The Nobles - a dying breed, based in Mdina but also present in the countryside palaces and estates. Once powerful, today many effected by having to pay taxes and lack of resources to squander.

The Elite - those who work on behalf of the many who do not, humble, honest, quite well off but pay their taxes and make sure there is enough to go around to keep the nation going forward. - These exist in all communities and there is not North and South divide.

The Pepe (snobs) predominantly in the Northern Harbour area. Children of rich parents who made it well after the 40s and moved to nice residences on the coast. Now they have ended up spending their wealth unwisely and take out loans to keep up appearances.

The Hamallu - mainly proletariat, found in abundance in the Cottonera area but present even in Sliema in areas funnily known as The Lazy Corner. Give priority to all the wrong things in life and always get the wrong end of the stick.
by An Elite April 11, 2014

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