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the definition of temporary. Emo is the belief by adolescents that covering your face with dyed-black hair, wearing skin tight pants, a pink belt and a purple hoodie will help you fit in at school and make more friends.
Emo is a concept so ridiculous and immature to anyone no longer in high school that it inevitably fades away after graduation and the so-called emos take on normal adult lives.
Can anyone picture emo finance man on his way to work on wall street?
or emo grandpa at the nursing home?
or emo dad taking the kids out to a baseball game?
Does any emo reading this really think that he's going to dress and act that way for the rest of his life?
Little Suzy Bjorkman, age 5, visited grandpa emo at the nursing home last sunday. Still sporting dyed black hair covering half his face and talking with an extremely nasally voice he spent the entire sunday spurting out random blobs of nonsense which annoyed the mature nurses incredibly. This was a combination of alsheimers and a lifetime of being emo.

Come on, can any of you actually picture a grandpa emo doing that?
by an adult who knows better March 31, 2009

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