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The fan base of the dance crew; the ICONic Boyz. We can be cocky, perverted, bitchy, constantly fighting with each other and at each other's throats but we're also a family and we're united by 16 talented and amazing boyz. We love and support them no matter what. We understand each other and make each other laugh when we need it the most. We've been through members leaving, fakes, being disconnected from the boyz (facebook and twitter) and yet we're still standing strong. We don't care what other fanbases think of us. We're fierce, we're strong.

We're ICONiacz.
Hater: The ICONic Boyz suck.
ICONiacz: K J LO
Hater: They're ugly and have no talent.
ICONiacz: you are such a fuckass..
by an ICONiac October 12, 2011
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