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1. a group of gorgeous, amazing girls that each have awesome personalities and bring something different to their group of friends. the first group was originally discovered by a guy named cliff from chicago in 2004.

2. it is a group of girls that always stay friends and they may recruit more friends to their group. some girls in the group might grow apart from the others or never want to hang out with them so the bam squad can also vote them out.

3. a group of girls that is very similar to a sorority. each girl has a different role in the group and they can help each other decide which role to be such as president, captain, co-captain, bitch, diva...etc. the difference betweent the bam squad and a sorority is that the bam squad is smaller and not affiliated with any school. any group of girls can start one, but it is usually lead by a really close guy friend who is their "pimp". the male group equivalent is called "The Rowdy Boys" also discovered by cliff, the guy from chicago.

4. this group of girls also has rules that they make up such as, "friends let friends double dip".

5. the bam squad also has theme parties such as "penis parties" and "BAM-A-PALOOZA". and of course this group consists of girly things to do like girls' nights and shopping and chick flicks.
1. first guy: "the bam squad is so hot! i want to get with all of them, except that crazy red-head bitch."
second guy: "no, dude, she's not in the group anymore. the bam squad kicked her out because she was psycho."
by amymonster September 11, 2006
the most obvious look on your face that tells someone that you are lying. when everything on your face- every expression- says "hey, i'm a liar", then you are wearing your lie-face.
big sister: "you stole my shirt!"

little sister: (grinning when she says,) "no, i didn't."

big sister: "do you think i'm stupid? i know you did! i can totally tell you're lying! you have your lie-face on!"
by amymonster September 09, 2006
A big, butch, masculine woman that is a hick. She looks dirty and probably smells. She would remind you of a trucker. She spits, talks like a redneck, and has bad teeth, not to mention she is very ugly. She basically looks like she belongs on a farm with all the other animals.
Student 1: "My teacher is such a farm dyke. Between her bad teeth and talking like a redneck, I couldn't understand what she said."

Student 2: "Yeah, she is a farm dyke. You can tell by the way she dresses. Those long flannel skirts that go down to the ground are so gay!"
by amymonster October 12, 2006
Emocide is the genocide of emo people. The definiton of genocide includes:
1.) Killing members of the group

2.)Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group

3.) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

4.) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

5.) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

Each of these meanings, of course, relate to and can be used on those who are emo. Hence, the term Emocide.
Ryan: "Joe was hazed when he tried to join that fraternity."

Tony: "No he wasn't! The fraternity used emocide on him because he was emo. Duh! There's a difference between emocide and being hazed. The difference is that emocide is for people that deserve it >> aka anyone who is emo."
by amymonster October 12, 2006
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