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A polite way of calling someone a cunt.
" Fuckin C U Next Tuesday Bastard!"
by amy-jay November 27, 2004
Formally 'death metal' currently true norweigan black metal formed 1986 in Kolbotn by Gylve 'Fenriz' Nagell and Ted 'Nocturno Culto' Skjellum. Darkthrone are very respected in BM circles are are seen as pivitol in the musical development of the genre, solidifing and the second generation sound. The band plays *very* misanthropic, *very* dark and 'evil' music that is often very fast paced and disturbing to most. Lyrics focus on hatred, death and 'Satan' though remaining mature and focused.
'Yes, Albaze in the Northern Sky, Under a Funeral Moon and Transilvanian Hunger are Darkthrones best works, but Sardonic Wrath kicks too!'
by amy-jay October 10, 2004
One who is sent on a mission, especially one sent to do religious or charitable work in a territory or foreign country.

One who attempts to persuade or convert others to a particular program, doctrine, or set of principles; a propagandist.

ie) Christians
"Man, i feel bad for those Ethiopians since their stuck with those missionary kids"
by amy-jay November 27, 2004

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