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only the greatest thing that ever happened to me. apart from maybe the Neverending story...or Labrynth. either way its one kewl as movie. with some fabulous actors also. oh and its also a sweetly great song by kiss.
amy - man im a nerd...what with all the movies being the greatest things that ever happened to me n all...
not amy - yeah but detroit rock city is one fantastic movie. i cant blame you for not having anything better in your life. apart from the soundtrack....but not.
by amy pettifer March 22, 2005
a word which i pulled from teen girl squad which is a name for some fat person. i call my friends fattycakes all the time. as im sure you would too, they love it.
amy - hey there my friend. and by my friend i mean fattycakes.
amy's friend - hey amy. man, i love being called fattycakes more than life itself.
by amy pettifer March 22, 2005
the word restruct is defined as 'when you resrict someone from performing a reconstruction of some/any sort.'
'oh. that knee/house/cage of some sort/any other body parts looks a little in need of recontruction. Shall i reconstruct it?'.
"no. i restruct you.'
by amy pettifer March 11, 2005
a word which describes someone that tries hard in class but they are not 'nerdy'.
some kid - man, that girl sure is consci. i wish i had the will power to try.
some other kid - dont we all...
by amy pettifer April 10, 2005
exactly the same as tukanese except spelt the right way.
amy - echo and the bunnymen is not turkanese. or tukanese for that matter...
some other person - yeah.
by amy pettifer March 22, 2005
a mix between traditional turkish and japanese music.
'billy, turn down that half japanese half turkish turkanese music, youll wake the baby...'
by amy pettifer March 11, 2005
what you say when you are a pirate. or when you are somewhat simliar to a pirate. or if you are dressed as a pirate.
pirate - gahrr.
other pirate - right back at you son.
by amy pettifer April 09, 2005

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