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179 definitions by amy

gasolina is a about a girl who likes the street. Not a a skeet or sperm. Daddy yankee says it during a permio lo nuestro special.
that girl is always in the streets she loves gasolina
by amy April 01, 2005
"A presence can be felt by those who have followed thy saga as told by the Insane Clown Posse. It is a presence that is synonymous with thy crumbling of time itself. Thus emerges a being so powerful that he can exist between both the land of the living, and that of the dead. He goes by many names but is known to thy living only as the Wraith. He walks upon worlds forgotten, and descends from Heavens; fade into gray to witness thy death of all mortal things, so that he may guide thy departed upon thy path that they have chosen. Only now will we truly understand thy meaning of thy saga, for this saga all along, each Jokers Card, is actually none other than... thy echo of our lives.
The Wraith guides the departed to the path they have chosen.
by Amy December 05, 2003
this cool guy that drives around in a white trailblazer with his friend Loli..yeah theyre both fuckin awesome
-Yo, did you see how bangin' Quasimoto was today?
-Fo shizzle my nizzle!
by amy February 26, 2004
The 2nd Jokers Card released by Insane Clown Posse.
After the Carnival of Carnage, Insane Clown Posse released the Ringmaster.
by Amy December 05, 2003
Meaning something is really good
'it woz extra dell...hewww'
by Amy February 25, 2004
An endearing term for whisker biscuit
"If I wear crotchless panties one could see my smooch on full display"
by Amy January 11, 2005
Wierd; out of place; misfit
That shirt is so Yashar.
by Amy April 30, 2004