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The 4th letter of the Greek alphabet
the fourth letter of the greek alphabet is delta
by Amy March 14, 2005
something you say to someone when they've done something nice, and you feel obligated to acknowledge the gesture even though you don't like them at all.
annoying girl: hey, because you are my friend, I bought you this "best friends" necklace!!!
"friend": Awwww! (exaggerated) You're a doll!
by Amy March 16, 2004
It's a rather simple kind of music... some people like it, others don't. It's only natural to be that way. In fact there's no big difference between chalga and pop music. The texts are mainly plain and even funny, but nice songs do exist. It's just a matter of time and effort finding and accepting them. I know I still haven't ^^
Look, it's none of your business
How we're living together with him
Maybe he's bad or anytning...
I just want him that way

Look, it's none of your business
If we're gonna stay together
Maybe we don't understand one another,
But we'd die for each other
by Amy May 06, 2005
The town where Kurt Cobain grew up, but wasn't born. (He was born in Hoquiam, silly.)
Kurt Cobain spent most of his childhood in Aberdeen, Washignton
by amy March 06, 2005
slang for Kimberly, Wisconsin. The town known for it's partys, basketball, and girls. Anyone living in Kimberly WILL get laid before they graduate, and will get completely trashed and taken advantage of on New Years Eve~its tradition.
I live in the REAL K-town, kaukaunas fucking posers.
by Amy January 18, 2005
Slut,whore, lucky skank because she has bam margera to do! she lives with all thoes cool people! LUCKY BITCH!
she has a sex tape to name 1 thing
by amy April 20, 2005
a fashionable hard poof
my cousins mate
by amy February 27, 2004

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