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179 definitions by amy

(1)someone who is a liar, asshole and a jerk off.

j.p is the biggest freaking cockface you will ever meet.
by amy March 23, 2004
6 31
An etreme sexual drive that can only be sated with hours of mindless sex or violence.
I don't remember anything form when i was in the rut.
by Amy April 04, 2005
58 84
code word for lighter...for pot smokers..
"dude, I cant find me liter!"
by Amy December 15, 2004
8 35
nickname for amy...short for amy...
aim is so cool, she's got the coolest nickname (not really i hate my nickname! o well...)
by amy January 06, 2005
12 40
slang term for person of african-american descent, due to the blackness of each
There are a lot of skillets in 5-points
by amy April 04, 2003
30 58
to suck the cock
"yo man, laura played my skin flute damn good last night"
by Amy April 02, 2004
15 44
a rly hot guy, but is totally cute and sweet, must be at least smart enough to count to ten, and recite the alphabet. (by heart)
1 word, conor

o baby if only you knew...
by amy February 10, 2005
22 53