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1. Production and design resulting in much laughter.

2. Humorous imagery
To make Jelly (to design a poster/ flyer/ artwork that causes heads to be hit on keyboards, and requires use of Depends).
by Amy August 22, 2004
a very insulting word that girls hate to be called but yet guys do anyways it means that were lifewasters always having sex when we don't even know the person. it is an InSuLt!
GUY: look at that hO!!!

girl: what you callin me that 4 hUh? you don't have no right to talk !!!!
by amy January 15, 2004
A regular Sunday event: going to church, followed by going to brunch.
Lutheran #1: Hey Betty, would you like to do chunch again this week?
Lutheran #2: Of course, Nancy - it's our tradition! I'll pick you up at 9:30.
by Amy September 30, 2003
an expression of exhaustion, boredom
That speaker/race was boring/hard, fuckin' A
by Amy April 11, 2003
to fart really loudly after trying to hold it in in a public place.
I frogged when I was in math class.
My grandma frogged when we were in church, and the priest asked her to leave.
by Amy April 13, 2005
n. The alien species from the movie alien. Word is a combination of 'Xeno' meaning "To cause the extinction of another species." and 'Morph' "Form of life."
The scientists were to be killed as they witnessed a Xenomorph sighting.
by Amy June 22, 2004
(1)someone who is a liar, asshole and a jerk off.

j.p is the biggest freaking cockface you will ever meet.
by amy March 23, 2004

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