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179 definitions by amy

when a girl ws drank so much cum she becomes almost drunk
amys tummy bulged out from being so full of creamy cum, she had swallowed so much semen she was cum drunk
by amy August 26, 2003
Acronym for Cute Jewish Boy.
Man, there is a serious lack of CJBs where I live.
by Amy February 27, 2005
A: Hot dude/Chick
B: Study
He is such a Stud-izzle!
Leave us alone while we Stud-izzle!
by Amy December 11, 2003
the hill, off the hook
It beez ova da hizzle y'all
by Amy August 11, 2003
a term used to describe the Love of My Life
Last night Don and I kissed under the stars and moon.
by AMY February 19, 2005
a girl/guy you would do only if desperate.
"She's a pinch." or "If she gained a couple of pounds she'd be approaching pinch status."
by Amy September 06, 2004
a word used for humor, meaning hot dog!
Branden is doggylicous!`
by amy December 10, 2003