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One who has become overly gay.
Man, did you see that gayferd?
by Amy November 24, 2004
is the same as Deece, cool, gamin, awsome, pimpin, and anything else like deece!
yo man that party was the shizwhiz!
by amy July 19, 2004
When suffering from alcohol induced incontinence, drinkin' britches are the adult diapers one wears to prevent a wet mattress and an upset bed mate.
Before we tie one on, I'd better go buy some drinkin' britches for captain wet pants over there.
by Amy January 27, 2005
Building from the approved Strategic Map, BzzAgent develops copy and design for the BzzGuide. In its final form, the BzzGuide (along with a cover letter from BzzAgent) are sent to the BzzAgents to introduce them to the campaign and serve as the printed agent training material and product information resource. As with the Strat Map, the BzzGuide has 7 sections: What We’re Bzzing, The Bzz, BzzStories, BzzFacts, BzzTriggers, BzzTargets and BzzActivities.
The BzzGuide gives you examples on when, where to buzz people.
by Amy November 28, 2004
1. To take advantage for personal profit.

2. To not deliver products of necessary value.
To be cherry tomatoed (to be ripped off or not get what you ordered)

To pull a cherry tomato on someone (to trick someone or deliver only a garnish and not a meal)

A cherry tomatoer (a person who delights in behaving like, or doing things of a cherry tomato nature)
by Amy August 22, 2004
It's like shiznicity, but bloody hell, a whole lot more.
I beat the shiznicity out of Ian playing Tetris, but I got dodecashiznicity when we rock out 99 Dead Baboons for an hour, yo.
by Amy March 15, 2004
unwarranted teasing, harassing, trashtalking.
Stop bexing me!

The new girl is surely in for some Bexing.
by Amy December 10, 2003

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