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When your boyfriend dumps you, when you catch him cheating, when you're feeling overly depressed, when you're feeling sorry for yourself, when no one will listen, when you're cat gets run over, or when you just simply want some ice cream, Ben and Jerrys will always be there for you. Always.
Fuck diamonds, Ben and Jerrys is a girls best friend.
by amy, yo August 19, 2007
Timbaland has bad grammar.
The Way I Are? It's 'The Way I Am', you fucking illiterate idiot.
by amy, yo August 19, 2007
The Tooth Fairy teaches kids they can sell their body parts for money! Also known as prostitution.
Tooth Fairy: Hey kids! I'm gonna sneak into your room at night and steal your teeth! And then leave you money! Woo!
by amy, yo August 10, 2007
A 'fall out girl' is a typical fangirl of the band Fall Out Boy. They squee whenever they listen to Sugar We're Going Down, and basically talk like this:
Basically, they love the band for Pete, and only Pete. (and maybe his dick).
Fall Out Girls annoy the fuck out of me. :)
by amy, yo August 10, 2007
Abbreviation for 'Falling off bed laughing'.
Like focl, or lol, except cooler.
For laptop users only.
ahahahah, fobl at your face.
by amy, yo August 10, 2007

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