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the extension of the forehead well beyond where the hairline should begin
Dawson from 'Dawson's Creek'
by Amu November 22, 2003
My darling dearest to whom I am eternally devoted to
I'm sorry about that orgy last week. oops, my bad!
by amu October 20, 2003
Future Pimps, Prostitutes, and Politicians of America
I joined the FPPPA today mom, you should be proud.
by amu October 11, 2003
a rabid chess/geek fangirl
That amu sure is a chess cheerleader, eh?
by amu October 20, 2003
in./i Annoying bastard.
"Shut the fuck up, m1k"
by Amu August 31, 2004
1. a twisted mix of amy and emu
by amu October 11, 2003
1. Pure evil
2. If you are in possession of such a thing, fix it. NOW.
baaaaaaaaaaaaaad moose sanity, wench
by amu October 11, 2003

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