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To ravage the pussy or ass like no other. You succeeded in slam fucking if the reciever is screaming and crying in agony.
Brad - "Man, I'd SLAM FUCK Paris Hilton!"
by AMS May 07, 2005
a teenage male, he is refined and enjoys the finer things in life such as cognac, basment jacks, beard stroking, intelligent conversation and the book by him and Amy Dixon" how to skin a cat, there is more than one way!"
Amy: guten tag isaac how are you on this fine wednesday evening?
isaac: very well thank you. would you like to join me for a spot of cognac and beard stroking. we can discuss our book!
Amy: yes please my dear fellow although it is mainly my book
isaac: i beg to differ!
by ams April 24, 2005
yet another term for the process of sexual intercourse. This word dirives from tom leak and amy dixon who needed a code word for this as parents kept reading msn messages and listening to phone calls. It was came to be used by this term as they discovered the world is a much better when tom was happy and amy was satisfied
tom: jesus amy when can we save the world again?
amy: tom we cant do it with my rents in the house!
tom: oh why not we did it when your grandad was here!
by ams April 21, 2005
an amazing guitar player who is in the band blacklight. he has shoulder legnth curly hair and HATES ARTHUR arthur malloy. he can be quite shy but is indeed wise and amazing. he is king of all the world. i named him been as his mum spelt his name wrong on a note 4 school, was soooo funni.
"wow did u see been at that gig?"
"yeah that was an awesome guitar solo"
"yeah much betta than toby"
"yeah but been is an awesome guy!"
by ams April 19, 2005
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