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An individual who cannot help but use Google searches to come up with all the answers to every unanswered question. They also use Google to validate any statement they make. They act as a know-it-all with the support of Google. These individuals automatically supply answers when any question arises. Thinking they are being helpful, they email or text you the answers until you simply want to die.
Liz has a bad case of Google-itis. When lightning struck the plane, Liz could hardly wait to land so she could Google the frequency of lightning strikes on passenger aircraft.
#googleitis #know it all #google-a-holic #googlitis #pesky #annoyingly informative
by ammorningstar April 21, 2009
A person who repeatedly uses Google searches to diagnose illness. A Googledoc is often a medical wannabe who compulsively attempts to help others with their medical problems.
My friend, the local Googledoc, told me about a new treatment I should try for my eczema.
#google-doc #medically nosey #butinsky #know it all #doc-wannabe
by ammorningstar April 21, 2009
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