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To fornicate with someone who is not taking an active role, usually out of nervousness or disinterest in their partner, but because of its macabre allusion to necrophilia, it is not unforeseeable that it could be because the person is non-consenting.
"Man, last night I was with Amy, and when we went up to her bed, she just laid there like a corpse; it wasn't no fucking, it was corpsing!
by amik February 02, 2007
One's resistance to acting like a whore. Alcohol is a great aid in overcoming this.
"To overcome their whorescocity-"

"Don't you mean viscosity?"

"No, I don't see how physics will help me get laid. Chemistry by way of alcohol and BAC, however, can."
by AMIK October 06, 2007
When you take a shit in the toilet tank and it comes out the next time someone flushes.
Dude the party sucked so hard I had no choice but to sink a bismarck.
by amik June 12, 2005

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