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where all yolkels and hillbillys live
we sent him runnin straight back to the paw paw patch
by ameecia May 24, 2005
similair to a jackneck...a fast talking shady person
that guy trying to sell us rolexs on the corner was a real crookneck
by ameecia May 24, 2005
to take a poop,the act of deficating
after all the coffee i drank i had to take a mad grumbo
by ameecia May 26, 2005
similair to a "slackjaw",a goomba or a hillbilly
that gas station owner was a real true redneck wafflejaw
by ameecia May 24, 2005
beyond gnar gnar,even beer googles couldent hide this rare form of ugly
that girl was sooo nargis that i threw up in my mouth when i saw her
by ameecia May 24, 2005

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