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3 definitions by ambersuckscock

to be wasted obviously and then wanna fuck like crazy drunk sex is the best! be careful use some condoms.
dude, i was so drunk and horny i was urning to poke that bitch all night long.
by ambersuckscock June 13, 2007
93 20
someone who smells like fish and has cottage cheese between her legs she also loves the cock. She cant survive without that huge meatpole between her legs.
Joeys mom is a nasty whore but he loves it
by ambersuckscock June 12, 2007
23 23
a bitch who likes to bang or fuck alot, she cant deny the cock.

or just some chick your jealous of.
dude that leah chick is such a slut!!!

" yeah i know i saw her banging her brother lastnight"
by ambersuckscock June 13, 2007
19 72