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A Brazilian portuguese slang, which means moron, stupid and even prick, depending on the context.
Você é um binarda mesmo, não separou seu lixo reciclável.

You're such a moron, you haven't sorted out your recycle waste!
by amaralnz October 13, 2008
1. In the surfing world, a guy or girl who loves keeping that really thick 3 inches coat of wax on his/her surfboard.

2. Alternatively, a woman (or a man as well!) who does a waxing job more than often).
1. Dude, I spend $10 every week on wax. I think I'm a wax-o-maniac!

2. Stella is absolutely wax-o-maniac, she has a brazilian every tuesdays and fridays!
by amaralnz March 11, 2009
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