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3 definitions by amandita

running up in them guts, a guy who loves to bang the hell out of women. a refernece to fucking hardcore XXX style.
Yeah i'ma go to this hoe house tonight and RUITG, ya feel meh?
by amandita February 07, 2005
drunk, high, feeling good, angry, someone who could be dancing around is crunk that day.
We up in the club getting crunk as hell.
by amandita February 07, 2005
The Grand Central Station of the people. One who is good at both relaxing and partying. Also, founder of Pepsi-Colie.
Person A: Hey, do you know Colita?
Person B: Who?
Person A: You're not cool.
Person C: Woot!
by Amandita November 13, 2003