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An outfit that leads an unattractive girl to believe she looks hot.
Did you see what Sarah was wearing last night? Total Jawn Costume.
by amandalynferri October 31, 2006
When the employees of ConnectedVentures (Collegehumor.com, BustedTees.com, Todaysbigthings.com and Vimeo.com) all reblog the same post taking over you tumblr dashboard with nothing, but the same post.
Did you get cveizured when you Ricky posted that new prank war video? I mean, Sarah, Amir, Jake, and Streeter all reblogged it.
by amandalynferri March 04, 2009
When you pick up a hooker in either the New Jersery or New York City before entering the Holland Tunnel and pay her to give you a handjob while you are in the tunnel.
I was stuck in traffic so i figured I should get a Holland Tunnel handjob on my way home from the Izod Center.
by amandalynferri August 16, 2009

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