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One of the smallest towns you will ever enter. It literally has 1 fire district, 1 deli, 1 pizza place, 1 dry cleaner, 1 dentist, 1 pharmacy, 1 hair place, 1 school (which it technically says it's in washingtonville which is just as bad), 1 gas station, a shitty dunkin' dounuts, a car wash that I saw one person use, and some doctor place that no one goes to all in the same place. This town doesn't even have their own mailing address.
If you were to write a letter to someone in SBG and you put "South Blooming Grove, NY" as the town, you'd get the "return to sender" stamp with "no such town" written on it.
#south blooming grove #sbg #loser town #invisible town #somewhere next to monroe #ny
by amandahatesOC November 09, 2008
A town located in OC that is super epic at football and hockey. The town itself is homo and all the girls are mohos.
(in monroe)
Boy- ew look at that moho. why does every girl here have gonorrhea?
Boy2- Because they're mohos and have secks with everyone! But, at least we're good at football!
#moho #monroe #monroe-woodbury #funroe #crusaders
by amandahatesOC November 09, 2008
A pretty cool town that actually has stuff going on. This town is probably one of the coolest towns in OC, NY.
guy- hey lets go to warwick, to the warwick drive-in.
girl- ohyes! i love it there.
#warwick #wildcats #warwick drive-in #fun #oc
by amandahatesOC November 09, 2008
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