272 definitions by amanda

your wrong
you are grimmy bo
by Amanda June 04, 2004
Juggling Jumblees
"dude, check out the juggling jumblees on that bitch"
by Amanda May 24, 2003
this is a name used to describe state patrol.
yo man, that ram-rod was ridin my ass
by Amanda December 14, 2004
someone who has sex with males or females on film, so ugly men and horney bi-sexual woman can watch while they masterbate
when I go to the club with friends, the best way to hook up with another guy or girl is to look like a porn star.
by amanda October 21, 2003
to talk with love or soothing words while giving love glares and touching each other endlessly, to show love emotions towards one another
"through class i couldn't stop flirting with Alex, my hands were all over him and the words couldn't stop coming out"
by Amanda April 05, 2004
To stab.
Burny burny, STABBY STABBY(See burny)
by Amanda May 26, 2003
an unduring term for a friend similar to homie or dawg
Comes from the famous detective Sherlock Holmes
"Wats up Homes."
"Nuttin much Sherlock."
by amanda March 11, 2005
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