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10 definitions by aman13

An interjection that combines both "shit" and "bitch", thereby giving it high status in the world of profanity.
Guy 1: Dude, I did you mom.
Guy 2: Shittybitch!

Guy 1: Your girlfriend's fuckin' ugly.
Guy 2: Shittybitch!

Guy 1: 2-dollar whores are better than 10-dollar whores.
Guy 2: Shittybitch!
by aman13 December 18, 2010
A simply magnificent man who destroys the pussy and is looked up to by everyone
"Jimmy is a real poon shredder, bro"
by Aman13 December 09, 2013
Anybody with a boner for Kool-Aid.
Dane Cook: "He would come crashing through your fuckin' wall and be like, 'Oh yeah! Oh yeah! OOOOOOOH YEAH!'"

5 hours later Dane Cook is chilling in his LA penthouse with his girlfriend and his Kool-Aid. Confusing much?
by aman13 July 18, 2010