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A pretty and amazing girl who doesn't listen to whatever anyone else says. She seems to try and go with whatever she's feeling. She is very kind but ends up breaking a lot of hearts. Extremely clumsy and can be at times stupid, but she does try to do her best in school. Surrounded by friends and lovers, Elettra always lights up the room when she walks in. She's also vague with her friends and boyfriends. An Italian name.
Boy: "I love you, Elettra."
Elettra: Umm... yah okay."
Boy: "So, do you wanna go on a date."
Elettra: "Sure."

An hour later.

Boy: "So, where do you wanna go."
Elettra: "What do you mean?"
Boy: "You know... on a date.
Elettra: Oh... I don't like you."
by amamamamammamamamam November 20, 2010

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