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The meme version of name dropping; when someone uses memes irl to seem hip, cool, and/or funny. They will also usually do it in order to identify to others that they frequent certain websites where the meme is common (i.e. 4chan)
Guy: So I saw this Pokemon shirt...
Douchebag: i herd you liek mudkipz LOL

Guy 1: Wanna play Scrabble?
Guy 2: Sure, but I never win that game.
Douchebag: You just lost the game!

Guy: That's a weird sculpture.
Douchebag: i'm 12 and what is this?
Guy: NO. Meme dropping makes you a douchebag. Just stop.
by alyssarcastic April 19, 2010
I always thought the o was a person's mouth and the slashes were hands, showing surprise. The expression I pictured was that of the person in the painting Scream, or another version of :O
Guy 1: I heard Guitar Hero 4 is going to have more instruments compatible with it, like in Rock Band!
Guy 2: \o/
by alyssarcastic September 25, 2008

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