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79 definitions by alyssa

A cupla guys a few yrs back read on the wall of a bathroom the words "for a good time call 867-5309". And so the band that hte guys belonged to wrote a song about it. The girl whose number it was recieved many prank phone calls and sued the band for broadcasting her phone number all over the place. Now that number is un-available for anybody to have as their own.
"for a good time, for a good time call! 867-530 niii-ee-iiiiine"
by Alyssa January 20, 2005
A penis and vagina together; what a hermaphrodite has
"Worms have paginises"
by Alyssa October 12, 2003
the act genital to genital interaction without intercourse.
Penis to Ass while sleeping or laying in bed.
by alyssa January 01, 2004
cool, hotness, dead sexy
Did you see amanda's shirt today?! that shit was crank, off the sheezy for heezy
by alyssa February 07, 2005
the equivelant of yahtzee, and burn. what you say when someone is dissed.
Girl 1: Yur ugly.
Girl 2: Yur fat.
by Alyssa March 05, 2005
bite her nipple
Mike bit gina's flower.
by alyssa March 09, 2004